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The visit of the central governor of Joibar villagers

Dr. Modanlo, the central district director of Joibar during the industrial tour for the villagers of 2 active industrial units in the industrial town of Joibar, with the presence of Mr. Abdullahpour, the head of the Samt Department. Joibaran Steel Industrial Group Co. and Ronak Pipe announced this and said: The purpose of this visit and holding such tours and meetings with artisans and producers in different sectors of the industry can be an important step to identify and also introduce the industrial and production capabilities of artisans. Among the people of the region, Islamic councils and villagers can be a good help in this field to support the products of the city.

Referring to the activity of 95 production units with employment of more than 3 thousand people, the central governor said: employment of youth, empowerment of rural women and girls, and development of home businesses are the concerns of the Supreme Leader in all these years and the policies of the government and should be of all Capacities used for training, providing facilities and marketing.

Modanlu added: Many of the needs of dear villagers, farmers and gardeners, are produced by Joibar artisans and sent to the market with high quality, but our consumers use products from other regions of the province and even the country due to lack of knowledge and proper information. We must work to support local products.

Dr. Zaheri, while thanking the district head and the accompanying delegation, announced their readiness to cooperate with the farmers’ cooperative and the Islamic council of the district regarding the supply of products to local farmers in the form of a memorandum of cooperation.

In this meeting, Mr. Ebrahimi, the head of the Social Welfare and Labor Cooperation  Department, and Mr. Abdullah Pour, the head of the Samt Department of the city, announced their readiness and support for the cooperation of the active production and industrial units of the city with the farmers and villagers in order to meet their daily needs

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