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The ceremony celebrated the fourth anniversary of the establishment of Ronak Pipe Co. in the conference hall of this company with the presence of Mr. Dr. Zaheri, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Froutan, Managing Director, Dr. Khoramian, Head of Mazandaran Bank Sanat and Mining Branch Affairs, Dr. Qolipour, Business Consultant  as well as a group of investors and colleagues was held on September 11, 2021.

In this meeting, which was accompanied by social distancing, adherence to protocols and a reduction in the number of invitees due to the corona situation of the country, Mr. Dr. Zaheri, while appreciating and thanking all the dear ones for their presence, presented a short report on the formation process of the collection along with the latest programs.

In this meeting, Mr. Froutan’s efforts in the past four years were appreciated and also Mr. Naderi was introduced to other colleagues as an internal manager. Next, Mr. Zaheri thanked Sanat and Mine, Saderat and Mellat Banks for their support and cooperation in this direction.

 Dr. Khormian, Head of Branches of Sanat and Mine Bank of the province, while expressing his satisfaction to attend the anniversary ceremony of Ronak Pipe Co. started his speech with the importance of financing and added that financing is a part of the work and it is important to use resources properly.This is the fact that Dr. Zaheri and his colleagues do this work well. He also considered the holding of these ceremonies as a sign of the importance of human resources to the managers of the complex. Dr. Khoramian then wished success to Dr. Zaheri in launching new factories.

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